fi 1. Commencement Date Commencement date: [Deal.ContractStartDate] Term: ongoing with termination notice Minimum availability of property for rental:

2. Services provided by The BnB Dream

2.1 Full documentation of the Property during onboarding to enable effective management of the Property and communication of its features to guests

2.2 Active promotion of the Property, including the creation of marketing collateral across various platforms including booking portals and professional networks

2.3 Selection of guests and management of pricing strategy to maximise returns on behalf of the Owner

2.4 Compilation, negotiation and execution of rental agreements with guests as an agent of the OwnerManagement of housekeeping and cleaning of the Property (start and end)

2.5 Provision of basic amenities (shampoo, conditioner, etc.)

2.6 Coordination and supervision of repair services during a rental term up to a maximum of $200. Over this amount, the authorisation of the Owner will be requested.

2.7 All maintenance activities will be supported with reports where applicable and summarised in the Owner’s monthly statement

2.8 Engagement of contractors to repair and maintain the Property as necessary during the rental term

2.9 Guest identification: The BnB Dream will whenever possible confirm guests’ phone numbers, government identification and payment information. Guests must agree to the house rules. The BnB Dream will not accept any bookings over capacity, or bookings that are not suitable for the Property, e.g. no disabled access, lack of lift, small children and balconies etc.

2.10 Provision of access to the Property for guests using a combination of check-in methods including lock boxes and key pick up

2.11 Management of resolution processes when managing guest damages.

2.12 Communication with guests before, during and after rental

2.13 Collection of payment from guests (no debt collection activities)

2.14 Remittance of rent and monthly statements to Owner

2.15 Access to a dedicated Account Manager

2.16 Access to a property dashboard to monitor performance and calendar activity

2.17 Provision of a quote for owner to purchase their own linen if needed

3. Owners’ Property Requirements

3.1 Per bedroom: bed frame/head and base, mattress, two bedside tables, artwork, decorative cushions, two bedside lamps, quilt/doona, bed runner/throw, six wooden coat hangers per guest, mattress protector and two pillows per person. Blockout blinds and curtains must be fitted for all bedroom windows and wardrobes need to be empty.

3.2 Living and dining room: TV, TV unit, bookcase/sideboard, coffee table, dining table, at least one dining chair per guest, sofa(s) that seat the maximum number of guests, rug, artwork, decorative cushions, throw, lamp, artificial plants, power board, aerial antenna. Outdoor seating or dining setting for outdoor areas.

3.3 Kitchen: sharp knife set, large pot, small pot, small pan, large pan, two mixing bowls, two serving spoons, tongs, cheese grater, vegetable peeler, spatula, can opener, colander, bin, chopping board, dish wash rack, cutlery sorting tray, heat mat, oven mitt, oven tray, kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge and freezer, oven, rangehood and stove. Cupboards need to be empty.

3.4 Dinnerware (per guest): two plates, two bowls, two water glasses, two wine glasses, two coffee mugs, place mat, two cutlery sets (spoon, fork and knife).

3.5 Bathroom: hair dryer, toilet brush, rubbish bin. Cupboards need to be empty.

3.6 Laundry: mop and bucket, broom, dust pan and brush, vacuum, iron, ironing board, washing machine, dryer, clothes drying rack. Cupboards need to be empty.

3.7 Rubbish: indoor and outdoor recycling and garbage bins. For all properties of three bedrooms or more, two large garbage bins must be provided

3.8 General items for guests: WiFi unlimited plan, one heating and one cooling option (heater/fan/air conditioning) per bedroom/common area, carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, re extinguisher, re blanket, first aid kit, three sets of keys.

In specific circumstances, The BnB Dream may identify additional items required due to the property’s configuration and size.

The Property must be fully furnished, with cohesive interior design and personal touches. Furniture should be thoughtfully arranged and not cluttered.

Good state of repair:

● Clean, well-maintained walls, ceiling, doors and carpets

● No stains or large marks on furniture (both indoor and outdoor)

● No mould or damp around windows or doors or in bathrooms

● Neutral or pleasant aroma in every room and no consistent odour from walls, carpet, furniture or blinds

● No known or visible sign of pests, such as cockroaches or bed bugs.

● Pools, hot tubs, barbecues, heat lamps, outdoor furniture and outdoor areas are clean. Extra gas bottles for barbecue

● Outdoor areas are well-kept, with no overgrowth or dead plants. Entrances to the Property are clean and well-lit

● Bathrooms (including medicine cabinet, counters, shower curtain and shower or bath) are clean, mildew free, and free of Owner’s personal items

● Kitchen appliances are clean and not damaged. Shower heads, faucets, cabinet handles and other fixtures are screwed in tight and not leaking.

The Property must be ready for guests:

No Personal items or food will be left in the Property

Fees Breakdown:

Paid by Owner: (Not including GST)

Onboarding Fee (including professional photography, copy-writing and admin):

Locks and Installation:

Management Fee (% of Nightly Value)

Initial Clean and setup: (this is taken out of the first months revenue)

Owner Stay Housekeeping

Property Maintenance

Booking Portal Charges

Paid By Guest:

Security Deposit

Cleaning Charge

Amount Due Up-Front

Onboarding Fee :

Terms and conditions Summary:

1. Exclusivity Period of Agency: The Owner appoints The BnB Dream as its exclusive provider of rental

management services (Property Owner Services) with effect from the Commencement Date and for

the Term of the Engagement until given correct notice to finish. The BnB Dream will exercise best

endeavours to meet appropriate professional standards when providing the Services in accordance

with the Terms and Conditions.

2. Agency Appointment: Subject to the Terms and Conditions and the level of agreed Services above,

The BnB Dream shall be considered an agent on behalf of the Owner, given full authority to perform

necessary actions to enter the Property, agree terms of rent and manage the rental. Notwithstanding

any limit on any authorization to incur repair expenses on behalf of the Owner, to the extent that The

BnB Dream incurs any expenses in carrying out urgent repairs to the Property whether to make the

Property safe for occupation by a Guest or to meet with the description of the Property, such

expenses shall be deemed incurred on behalf of the Owner and reimbursable to The BnB Dream

upon receipt of the invoice and supporting receipts. The BnB Dream shall be entitled to deduct these

amounts from any rental income.

3. Insurance: The Owner is responsible for obtaining and payment for general liability insurance and

other insurances to protect the interests of the Owner, The BnB Dream and the Guests or other

invitees or visitors to the Property. This is a mandatory requirement.

4. Compliance: The Owner is responsible for ensuring that the Property and any amenities at the

Property meet with local, state and federal legislation, by-laws, orders and notices of all government,

municipal and statutory authorities relating to the use of the Property as a rental property (for

example: pools are to meet with local legislative health and safety requirements).

5. Repairs and Maintenance: The Owner shall ensure that the Property and basic amenities are

provided and maintained as advertised on handover of Property to The BnB Dream. In the event of

any malfunction, failure or damage, the same is to be repaired as soon as possible.

6. Notice: It is the Owner’s responsibility to give notice of changes to Property availability dates or

personal use. At least two business days’ notice must be given to The BnB Dream via email to


7. Cancellation Policy: If the Owner breaches the Agreement or Terms and Conditions after The BnB

Dream has already undertaken efforts in regards to the Property listing, photography, property

preparation consultancy or any other services that are part of the process to a successful listing, a

period of 3 month must be given before services are terminated and a fee of $500 per month will be

charged for the remainder of the contract.

8. Termination:

8.1. Term This Agreement remains in force ongoing from the Commencement Date unless

terminated earlier by either Party in accordance with Clause 8.2.

8.2. Termination Either Party may terminate this Agreement on delivery of three months’ prior

written notice to the other Party. The Owner must have available at least 85% of nights bookable

during the main holiday periods and 3 out of 4 weekends during a single month.

8.2.1 Immediate Termination Any termination that results in a lower amount of bookable nights than

that stated in clause

8.2 will be subject to the fee disclosed in clause 7.

8.3. Termination does not prejudice rights The termination of this Agreement does not affect or


(a) the continued operation of Clauses 11 or any other provisions of this Agreement necessary to give

effect to those provisions; and

(b) any right which a Party may have in respect of any breach by the other Party which occurred

prior to the termination.

9. Photography: The BnB Dream shall own any of the rights to all photographs and recordings made

in the performance of the Services, including any photography or recording of any identifying names,

signs or photography appearing thereon during the duration of the contract. The BnB Dream will

have sole artist discretion to use such photographs and recordings in any manner whatsoever,

including, but not limited to, the right to exhibit, record, edit and alter such photographs and

recordings or any portion thereof, in any form of media whatsoever, without limitation or restriction.

The BnB Dream will provide the photography of the initial photoshoot as requested by the owner

and after the contract the owner has the right to use all photography in any manner whatsoever, not

included The BnB Dream branded documents.

10. Security Fee: The BnB Dream charges a security deposit of $500 per booking to our guests,

however, If damages occur above $500, Guests will be liable to pay any damages above the initial

security deposits. If damages are not covered by the property owners insurance, The BnB Dream are

not liable to pay any additional charges for any reason. Guests are still held fully accountable for any

damages they cause and for non-compliance with our strict house rules.

11. Rental Income Remittance: All rental income received less any Fees due to The BnB Dream as per

this agreement will be transferred to the bank account of the Owner once a month within the first

three business days of the following month.

12. Risk of loss and indemnification: The Terms and Conditions contain detailed rights about

warranties, limitation of liability and indemnities.

13. The BnB Dream operates under Queensland State law