Our Performance Guarantee


We stand behind our commitment to helping you achieve success for your property investment. We guarantee that within 14 days of listing your home with us, you will receive bookings for your property. If this doesn’t happen, we will refund your original sign-up fee with The BnB Dream in full.

Monthly Performance Guarantee. We are confident in our ability to consistently deliver results for you. If, during the course of our initial agreement term, we fail to secure bookings for your property in any given month, We have 30 days to rectify the issue and if its not rectified, you have the freedom to walk away from the contract the following month after giving notice.

That’s right – you get to try our services without the risk.



Eligibility Clause:


To be eligible for the guarantees and benefits outlined in our agreement, the following criteria must be met:

Full Access to the Home: We require unrestricted access to the property to effectively manage bookings, handle guest inquiries, and optimize occupancy. You agree to provide us with full access to the property at all reasonable times.

Property Ownership: You must be the legal owner or authorised representative of the property in question. Proof of ownership or authorization may be required to validate eligibility for our services.

Refund Calculation: In the event that a refund is issued, it will be processed as a net amount after deducting our payment merchant fee, approximately 2% of the refund value. This deduction covers the transaction costs associated with the refund process.

Pricing Flexibility: We recognize the importance of having pricing flexibility to maximise your property’s revenue potential. Within the parameters agreed upon in our contract, we retain the ability to adjust the pricing strategy based on market conditions, demand, and other factors that may impact the performance of your property.

Occupancy Averages: The guarantee is only in play for certain property data that we pitch to yourself using our internal data sources. If a property’s average occupancy is under 60% on average, then the guarantee will be null and voided. These figures will be presented to the potential client within the presentation and upon the contract signed by the client.

These eligibility criteria are designed to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership and provide clear guidelines for the fulfilment of our guarantees.




The BnB Dream are not responsible for submitting claims under the performance guarantee. You need to submit your claim via email to clients@thebnbdream.com within two weeks of the conclusion that we did not get bookings for the previous month or we didn’t get bookings after 14 days of the property being live.

If a guest cancels their stay within the same month, these are factors that are out of The BnB Dreams control, therefore if any cancellation occurs during the same calendar month, this will null and void the performance guarantee.

To terminate our agreement all bills and invoices need to be settled.

“Giving notice” refers to a 30 day period in which starts upon receipt date of the notice via email at clients@thebnbdream.com

The “sign-up fee” is the agreed amount stated in the “onboarding” section of the contract that is signed between both parties.

If there is any changes in laws and legislation that directly impacts the operations of a short term property, the guarantee will be null and voided

This guarantee shall be null and void, and neither party shall be held liable, if the performance of obligations under this agreement is hindered or prevented by a force majeure event. Force majeure events include, but are not limited to, natural disasters (such as storms, earthquakes, or floods), acts of war, terrorism, civil unrest, government actions, or any other unforeseen external events beyond the control of either party.