How To File AirBnB Claims Like A Property Manager

Introduction (Welcome)

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AirBnB for 99.99% of the time is fantastic! Everything runs smoothly and guests if screened correctly will leave the property in perfect condition. However, every once in a while investors get a character through that makes them think of the lord and saviours name when they see the state of the place. 

What do you do when this happens? Well, that is the purpose of this guide to show you some tips and tricks The BnB Dream use to produce a successful resolution within Airbnb. 

There will also be some preventative techniques you can use to make sure each guest is up to the standard of even the pickiest property management  company. 


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Preventative Methods

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If you have read our Airbnb Property Management Guide we can assume you already have the basic listing created. This section will cover the basic methods we use to screen guests before they come into the property.

Instant booking settings are crucial! If not configured correctly you can let any tom, dick or harry into the property before even talking to them. We recommend turning on airbnb’s limiting settings to prevent anyone instant booking who doesn’t have Government ID, Phone Number and Email verification aswell as recommendations from other hosts.

If anyone books the property without these things it will come through as a message to your account.

Short term Property Guest Communication

When that happens it’s up to you as the property manager to reach out and screen every single guest. We gather the guests email, phone number, name and ensure they have all appropriate verifications first. After we have the guests full details the next step is either calling the guest if the number is accessible through a software like ours or messaging them about their stay. 

One point to make. Airbnb will ask for every possible bit of evidence and if you cannot provide it, they will not pay. Please make sure you get everything pictured and itemised before you start your airbnb journey. From electronics like TV and the cables, to crockery and pans & pillows. Everything is important. 


Templates and Basic Message Ideas For Guest Screening:



Hey “Name”,


Thankyou so much for enquiring about our property. I would love to get to know more about your group. Could you please let me know a little bit more about your group before we accept the booking.


Looking forward to your stay.


Kind Regards,

“Your Name”


Follow Up:

Okay great! Thanks for that “Name”. Im going to go through and accept your booking later today. Before I go ahead and do that can you please go through and add Government Issued ID, Your Email & Mobile Number to Airbnb. Once you have done that please let me know and I will accept the booking.

Kind Regards,

“Your Name”

Tips To File An AirBnB Claim

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Step 1

Gather Details

You or your cleaning team have walked in and seen the issue…. what now? Take photos! If there is something missing go through and get receipts and look through previous photos for the item. If there is damage get clear photos of the damage. 

Step 2

Write A Report

When you write the report to Airbnb try to reference guest messages and specific breaches they have made in your terms if you have any. Provide the gathered photos and information on the portal and make sure to provide receipts and or costs of each item as well as your reference for said cost.

Step 3

Submission & Rules

Fantastic! You now have your submission in. A couple things have to be kept in mind though. Airbnb may not honour the submission if the next guest checks in before the claim is in. Therefore, make sure to submit the claim even if it isnt complete as soon as you can. You can always go in and edit the details at a later date.

Step 4

Follow Up

To give yourself the best chance of a successful submission make sure to monitor your inbox for any messages from their support team. They might reach out and require more information or even a police report if the claim is for a larger amount.

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